Buying A Natural Fibre Rug Online

Rugs are one of the few accessories in your home that can make your home beautiful and keep your floors nice for years to come.  When you are in the market for a fantastic natural fiber area rug, it is important that you don’t just settle for the first ones you find.  When you do your shopping online with, you will be able to have more of a selection without having to drive all over creation to get it.  Some of the practical reasons for buying your rug online include:

Cost Effectiveness

Natural fiber area rugs can be a bit on the expensive side.  When you go to a retail store to purchase one, you not only pay the base cost of the rug, but also the markup that is included for the overhead paid by the store to remain in business, a markup for the cost of the commission or salary of the sales people, and more.  This makes shopping online with a better option.  Add to that the fact that you don’t have to pay for the gas or transportation costs to get to and from the store, and you can really start to see the savings.


When you shop for anything online, natural fiber rugs included, you have so many options.  This gives you a better chance of finding the ideal rug for your home.  Aside from that, you will be able to shop for the rug by material, size, and even shape by applying filters and search parameters.  All of the rugs you will find also have a detailed description of them so that you will be able to compare the various features.  You can also take a closer look at the materials so that you know the benefits of each and which would be the better option for those high traffic areas.


How many times have you gone into a rug shop only to be harassed by the sales people while you are trying to look?  That won’t happen when you do your shopping online.  Take your time and browse all you like through the various offerings until you finally decide on the materials, color, borders, and even rug pads at your leisure.

Fun Things Found In The Sewers

The sewer system across the United Kingdom is something of a masterpiece considering the size of our tiny island. The tunnels and pipes and interconnecting web of a world that lives just feet below our floors is fascinating, a part of history and absolutely disgusting. And rightly so! Sewer systems are not supposed to be pristine clean and sparkling. They carry some of the dirtiest waste known to and created by man!

Some of the biggest and dirtiest drains in this country are in the cities and for good reason. Built up concrete areas with high traffic of people like in central business districts means high levels of flushing toilets, using sinks and cars being washed regularly. There’s a lot of weird and wonderful things that you can find in drains and sewers given the high level of water that flows through our pipes daily, you’ll be surprised at what turns up! Sometimes drains get blocked if they’re not looked after properly and in the past when companies have been cleaning out the drains there are some amazing things that have blocked drains. In 2009 in Japan, there was a huge recession through the country and a lot of belts had to be tightened. The Suwa treatment facility in Nagano actually reportedly uncovered tens of thousands of pounds worth of gold through the sludge of the blocked drains. Obviously this was a welcome surprise to those suffering with financial hardship. Blocked drains are no joke and looking after the plumbing in the home is actually really important if you want to keep the value of it and make sure you don’t end up with sewerage backing up in the sinks.

Tunbridge Wells 24/7 Plumbers once unearthed dentures. False teeth are something no one believes will go missing especially down the toilet but actually it’s one of the most common finds in the drainage systems. Pictures of teeth have been posted on water company websites and people have actually been reunited with lost teeth before – yuck! While not common in England, snakes have previously been found in drains in Scotland! Usually snakes are found in drains in more exotic countries so it was definitely a shocker.

One of the worst things a plumbing company can find in a drain is what is affectionately and disgustingly termed a ‘fatberg’. An iceberg shaped structure clinging to the walls of large sewers made of fat, hair and other delicious nasties from people’s plugholes. The costs of cleaning out sewers in London right now are estimating at over £1million a month which is an extortionate amount of money to have to be spent because people cannot effectively manage their waste. Without draining fat from pans into plastic bottles and disposing of them through the bin systems, we end up tipping grease and fat down the sinks. This then creates massive issues for the plumbing under the ground and can cause a backup into domestic property. The damage this can do to the pipes means that even more money has to be spent repairing and replacing them!